PHARMHOST Why choose us?

Lancewew | 16/12/2017


With extensive experience providing a broad range of hosting services, we are faced with the existence of separate categories of clients hosting projects connected with pharmaceutical theme. Taking into account some specificity of the topic, we decided to highlight this area in a separate project

We landmark for customers who need cheap hosting services, dedicated servers, combined with an adequate level of service, performance and reliability. We are not the cheapest hosting provider on the market. Super-low cost is often achieved by the overselling of services, lack of backup and critical systems to ensure operation of the equipment, saving on the quality and quantity of support staff and engineers. Often web hosting companies that occupy a niche of super-cheap hosting does not always work as claimed.

Our hosting is the cheapest relative valuation: price/level of service provided. Often clients try to compare only the price, without looking at how it was achieved or comparing different configurations of tariffs. We declare that we have one of the market's best ratio quality/price!

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Mashanic | 11/12/2017

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